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24th February 2014
We have arrived!
After an extremely early start, we have finally arrived at our chateau in France. Rather unwisely, the majority of the children stayed awake for the duration of the journey. Only Spencer, Jack and Zachary were sensible enough to get some shut eye and I think the rest of the children will be regretting it later!
The whole journey was very smooth and we were able to make the channel crossing early. We made two stops at service stations along the way, one in England and one in France. The children are desperate to spend their money but we have managed to restrain them so far.
Upon arrival at the chateau, we were given a welcome tour by our guides Jessica and Pippa. They have been very impressed with all the children's behaviour so far and they have all been as good as gold (maybe they're just tired??)
The facilities and rooms at the chateau are great. The rooms are clean and all the pupils have made their own beds and made sure they have secret sweet stashes!
They are currently playing sports outside including tennis and football.
Kane was a little disappointed that he won't be able to go in the pool, despite bringing his trunks, as it is quite mouldy and green! This facility is closed for the winter.
The weather  here is great today - 15 degrees makes a pleasant change from rainy Worksop, although I think it may be wet for the rest of the week.
We are having our tea at 6:30pm and then taking part in a scavenger hunt.
I will aim to keep the website updated as often as possible. By tomorrow I should be able to upload some photos and get the children to leave some messages too.
But mainly to let you know that all the children are fine, happy, smiling and safe.
Enjoy your freedom!