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Year 5/6 Job Shop

Pupil Job Vacancies

As a way of developing children’s life skills linked to future employment and longer term aspirations we intend to advertise for and appoint children to specialty designed ‘jobs’ that they can undertake in school. Children will have the opportunity to experience the process of applying for a job and completing an application form, considering ‘pay’ and taking account of job descriptions and associated responsibilities.

If you or your child is interested, they will be asked to formally apply for a position and then, if appropriate, take part in an ‘interview’. Successful candidates will be invited take up their posts for a fixed period of time. Your child will receive payment in house-points.


As with any normal employment, children will be able to resign or, in turn, be released from their duties after serving an appropriate notice period. Whilst this is as close to a real life process as possible, at all times we will be sensitive to individual children’s needs. Guidance, support and encouragement will be given throughout.


Closing date for applications: Friday 10th July (application form available to download at the bottom of this page)

Interview dates: to be confirmed (interview questions will be provided beforehand)

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Vacancy: Autumn Term 2015

Positions available: 2 KS2 pupils

Job Description:

The administrative assistant will be required to come to school early (8:15am) every day, come rain or shine. Upon arrival, they will have to organise the registers, dinner money returns and letters for all fourteen classes within the school. They will then be required to deliver registers before the start of school to every classroom. Work will be conducted under the guidance of Mrs Knight and initial training will be provided.

Job requirements:

The successful candidate must be punctual, able to arrive early at school every day, extremely organised and able to work at speed.


10 team points per week (2 per each day of work during the week) plus bonus team points available throughout the term of employment.

Job Title: Milk Monitor

Vacancy: Autumn Term 2015

Positions available: 2 KS2 pupils

Job Description: To deliver milk to all designated classroom on a daily basis. This will entail arriving at 8.15am every day at school, collecting the milk and following a register to ensure that milk is delivered accurately and efficiently to all 14 classrooms throughout the school. You must be able to get to school early, no matter what the weather is like, and will be under the guidance of Mrs Knight. Initial training will be provided in the Summer Term.

Job requirements: the successful candidate must be punctual and able to arrive at school for 8.15am every day. They must also be able to follow a register, extremely organised for accurate delivery and be prepared to lift the milk carefully and safely on and off a trolley.

Salary: 10 team points per week (2 for every day of service)


Job Title: Assembly Assistant

Vacancy: Autumn Term 2015

Positions available: 2 KS2 pupils

Job Description: to assist the teaching staff in the delivery of assemblies. This will include logging on to the computer, choosing a hymn for every assembly and following technical direction from the staff. You must be available to go into the hall every day to set up the computer at 9:55am.

Person specification: be highly skilled at using computers. You must be very good at completing your work within lessons so that you are always ready to leave 5 minutes early. Good listening skills will also be required to meet the needs of the teachers during the assembly.

Salary: 10 team points per week (2 team points for every day of service)

Job Title: Lunchtime Assistant

Vacancy: Autumn Term 2015

Positions available: 8 KS2 pupils

Job Description: to assist midday supervisors in serving food safely and efficiently to pupils at St John's Primary School. You will be required to be available every day at 11.55am in the dining hall where you will be under the direction and supervision of the midday supervisors. You will need to support younger pupils in fetching and eating their dinner by collecting their cutlery and trays, carrying their food to their table, supporting children in cutting up their dinner and encouraging them to complete their meal.

Person specification: experience of working with younger children would be an advantage, although training will be provided. Excellent table manners would be expected to set an example to other students.

Salary: 10 team points per week (2 team points for every day of service)