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Once Upon A Time

Find out more about Hans Christian Andersen and play games related to his stories here! 

HOMEWORK:  Can you write a list of materials you can find in your house and say what they are used for?
SET: 19.9.12  DUE: 24.9.12 



First week back and we're underway with our topic for this term.  You have painted pictures based on character descriptions and written your own character descriptions for characters from the film Shrek that you watched on Tuesday afternoon.

Here are some of the descriptions you have written.

He has red eyes.
He has four stripes.
He has two buttons.
He is little.
He has a round head.
He is made of ginger bread.
He has a nice red smile.
He has a funny smile.
You can eat him.

This person loves singing and talking.  He has grey fur and a tail.  He has four legs and brown eyes.  He has long ears and a pink tongue.  He is very annoying and very silly.  He likes to run.  He also likes to mess about.  He always worries.

He is grey.  He has got three loose teeth.  He is fluffy.  This person has black fluffy hair.  He is funny.  He has got black eyes.  He is a bit smelly.  He has got a black and grey tail.  He has got grey ears.  He goes a bit fast.

He is brown  He has a little yellow hat.  He is made out of wood.  He thinks he is a real boy.  His nose grows.

She has scales and she is red.  She can fly.  She's long.  She can blow fire.  I've got spikes all over me.

Here are some of the videos of our version of 'Just a Friendly Old Troll' based on 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  'Just a Friendly Old Troll' tells the fairy tale from the point of view of the Troll.

Oct 2012 - Our Literacy and Topic focus book this half term will be The Jolly Postman and Jack and the Beanstalk



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