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Our Literacy Page:2012-2013


During the Spring term we will be reading a book call Stormbreaker. This is an action/adventure book that follows Alex Rider through some exciting adventures. This book is intended to help us see how books are then converted to film, as well as, allowing us to do some exciting literacy work like film scripts and reviews and an Oscars award ceremony.

Throughout this term we are reading a book called Street Child. This book is based on a Victorian boy who's parents die and finds himself in some horrible situations. This book is intended to help us understand what life was like for Victorian children and will be the focus for a lot of our work in many subjects.

Here are some examples of the fun work we have been doing about this book.

Tuesday 10th September.
During this lesson we read chapter 2 of the book. We had to create a freeze frame of a scene in this chapter and create a caption. Role play is one of our favourite things to do, so as you will see we are very good at it!
Have a look and see if you can guess what is happening!