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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

Eagles & Falcons




During the Spring Term, our topic will be War. This very exciting subject will cover in depth exploration of World War 1, World War 2 and other more recent conflicts. Please have a look at the newsletter attached below to find further details orgnaised into subject areas. There will also be an amazing educational off-site visit to Eden Camp in North Yorkshire, a former prisoner of war camp. Of course there will be homework challenges along the way but if you want to get started already, there are some activities to have a go at on Purple Mash under the 2do section.



Thursday 3rd October 2015

Another fantastic day in Lincolnshire. Fortunately, we have had no rain yet.

The children have had a great day with some very challenging activities, including vertical challenge (climbing up various obstacles to reach the summit) and the giant swing (videos to follow soon - you have to see them to believe it!)

And tonight we have finished off the day with a disco which has expended more energy with some pupils becoming quite sweaty in the process. Mr White also came to join us for tonight's festivities and I think he was exhausted just watching the children.

Needless to say, they are all absolutely exhausted. Cameron and Ben both asked if they could go to bed half way through the disco.

Finally, we have had a talent show with some outstanding skills demonstrated on stage by the pupils of St John's. There was singing from Maisy, Isabelle F, Millie T, Lana and Chloe, some beat boxing from Finnley and some crazy comedy from Toby, Seb, Jake, Charlie H, Mitchell, Oliver, Daniel and Andreas (think I've remembered them all!) After a clap-o-meter style decider, Finnley and Chloe were crowned joint winners. Congratulations to them both.

We are off to pack up all our things now, this may take longer for some than others. And I'm certain they will all be asleep shortly too.

Last day tomorrow then we can't wait to get home and tell you all about it!


P.S. Photos are taking an extremely long time to load up onto the website due to slow internet connection here so I am putting on what I can but a lot might have to wait until the weekend. Sorry it cannot be done any sooner.

Wednesday 2nd December 2015 

What a fantastic day here at Caythorpe Court! We have completed many exciting challenges including: rock climbing, sensory trail, all aboard, abseiling and archery. Furthermore the weather has been on our side! Lots of blue skies and no rain. 

Take a look at some of the photos.

Tuesday 1st December

What a fantastic day we have all had! The children and staff can't believe how much fun we have had and how much we have learnt in such  a short space of time. This has been topped off with three full meals today, starting off with a cooked breakfast with bacon and eggs, meatballs and pasta for lunch and chicken or cottage pie for tea so you have no fears that we are eating very well indeed. And we have needed to because we have been outside all day doing some extremely energetic activities. Here are some of the highlights from today so far:

  • Zip wire - launching ourselves from an enormous tower and flying down the zip wire at high speed. Isabelle Fielding was the first to perfect the pose of 'superman' as she jumped off the edge.
  • Tunnel trail - crawling through extremely small holes underground. Quote of the day from Ben Joynson: "We had to crawl through mud and worms and everything." Bonnie won the prize for coming out of the tunnel covered in the most dirt.
  • Quad biking - much anticipated activity where the children careered round a small course on quad bikes. The PGL staff have used this activity to confirm that the female drivers were actually better than the boys - fact! You heard it here first! We have also had to put in a small claim to replace the numerous cones that were flattened and destroyed by being mown over rather than driven round.
  • Trapeze - basically climbing up an extremely high pole, shaking and  wobbling in the wind, stand on the top and jump across space to catch  a triangular shaped object. Prize for Charlie M who reached the top but could not quite pull himself up, despite his efforts. Once it started getting dark we had to insist he came down even though he wanted to keep on trying. And the speed round went to Seb who raced up the pole and caught the trapeze in 57 seconds flat.
  • Abseiling - climbing down a ridiculously high tower dangling from the end of a rope. Charlie H bounced down like a rabbit and Amelia's shoe dropped off half way down.

So as you can see we have had so much fun and laughter today. Please look at the links above to take a look at the photos.

And they all slept the whole night through from about 11pm!!!!! Hopefully, I have not just jinxed this.

They are really doing you and St  John's Church of England Academy proud with their behaviour and attitude in every aspect of what we are doing.

Enjoy the photos.

Monday 30th November 2015

All the children are settled into their rooms. Strangely, the girls corridor is much quieter and tidier than the boys??!!

We had fish finger, chips and curry for tea, everyone has eaten well.

Tonight we are on an orienteering challenge in the dark!

More updates later. 

Don't have too much fun without us!


Key stage 2 SATs test dates 2016:

Monday 9 May - English reading test

Tuesday 10 May - English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: spelling; English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: questions

Wednesday 11 May - mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic; mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Thursday 12 May - mathematics Paper 3: reasoning


Children in Year 5 and 6 will be given homework on a weekly basis. The homework is designed to support and assess the work that they complete in school. Homework will consist of the following

  • Spelling: weekly spellings to learn and apply in written work with a weekly test. These will be accompanied by weekly lessons on spelling strategies. Spelling lists will normally be handed out on a Monday with a test on a Friday. This is an important part of the curriculum particularly due to the nature of national tests that children complete each year and therefore it is expected that all children will endeavour to complete this task to the best of their abilities.
  • Reading: all children will be expected to read on a daily basis and record this in their reading diaries which will be checked on a regular basis. Books are provided in each class and from the school library for children to borrow and they are free to read books of their own choosing. This will be supported by a reading challenge competition in class.
  • Times tables: it is expected that children should know their times tables up to 12 already to ensure that they can access their work in the classroom for their age and ability. Practising on a regular basis will support this and this is part of the homework that children should undertake every week supported by regular tests in class.
  • Literacy/Mathematics/Topic Homework: Children will be provided with a weekly piece of homework on one or a combination of these subjects. Dates for handing in homework will be given to children which they can write in their homework diaries. All children will be provided with homework folders to keep their sheets of homework in. Pupils will also be provided with an Egyptian homework challenge to go that extra mile along the River Nile by completing 3 pieces of homework each half term. (3 before October half term and 3 before Christmas). Each homework challenge is rewarded in different ways and this will be handed out in the first couple of days.



Indoor PE will take place on a Tuesday afternoon for Year 5. Children should wear a t-shirt that is white or of their team colour and black shorts.

Outdoor PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon. Children should wear a t-shirt of their team colour, shorts/tracksuit bottoms and outdoor shoes/trainers (these should not be their school shoes).

It is recommended that children bring their PE kit to school every Monday and take it home on a Friday as PE sessions can also take place at any time during the week.



Year 6 will start swimming sessions on Friday 11th September, leaving school at 10am and returning at 11:30am.

Year 5 will not take part in swimming until the Spring Term.